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Welcome to the Book of Israel's Destiny

"Israel's Destiny" was written at the close of the eighties as an aid to Bible prophecy students. It is written in simple, straight-forward language by a layman for laymen. The author's father  was converted from the traditional views of the Reformed Churches to a realisation of the  immutability of God's covenants and promises to the circumcised seed of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
Israels Destiny shotHence we have the culmination of two generations of study on this exciting and absorbing subject. These two men have greatly rejoiced in the salvation that has come to the gentiles through Israel's Messiah.
They have also felt a great debt of love to the Jewish  people and Israel.

"Israel's Destiny" is void of sensationalism and is not  written out of a mere fascination with Bible prophecy.  It was written out of a great love for the God of Israel and His faithfulness to His covenants and promises.

"Forever oh Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven."   (Psa 119:89)

© Dirk Evenhuis
ISBN 0 646 02527 9 

29 Chapters
66 Pages

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